Help Us Stop Medicaid Expansion in Maine

April 09, 2013

We need your help to stop Medicaid expansion in our state!

As you may know, legislation has been introduced to take the “deal” offered by the federal government to expand Medicaid in Maine.

While some have heralded this legislation, L.D. 1066, as “historic,” I counter that our state experience with expanding Medicaid, called Dirigo Health, proved to be a budget buster for Maine and did not come close to insuring the numbers promised.

We need you to contact your legislators and let them know you oppose Medicaid expansion in our state. Use THIS LINK to do so today!

The federal government has a bad track record when it comes to keeping its fiscal promises to the states. As you may remember, several years ago it promised states that it would fund 60% of special education costs if the states followed all of the regulations. That promise was broken – it has never funded at that rate.

Contact your elected officials today and ask them to oppose Medicaid expansion in Maine!

Given the broken promises of the past, how are we to believe that the federal government will pour millions of new spending dollars into Maine for Medicaid expansion?! Doesn’t it have its own problems with out-of-control spending and debt?! Isn’t it all too likely that Maine will have to pick up the bill?!

Use THIS LINK to tell your legislators to say NO to Medicaid expansion!

Thank you for your help on this vital issue.

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