Don’t Over-Tax Maine!

June 19, 2013

Join Governor LePage Thursday at the AFP-ME sponsored Don’t Over Tax ME Rally! 

If you’re feeling over-taxed these days, you are not alone.

The Don’t Over Tax ME Rally will take place at 11AM in the State House Halls of Flags and feature remarks from Governor Paul LePage and Mary Adams, Taxpayer Protection Pledge Director as well as myself.

CLICK HERE to register for the Free Rally now!

As you may know, despite the fact that the hard-working families and businesses in this state are already over taxed, the budget proposal from the legislature includes three more tax increases on hard working Mainers

We are taxed enough! Don’t let them over-tax you and ME and our state anymore!

I hope you can join us Thursday morning as we send a message that are already over-taxed and cannot and should not have to bear any additional tax burden just to grow state government! 

CLICK HERE to register for our Don’t Over Tax ME Rally on Thursday!

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