Americans for Prosperity Maine Expresses Disappointment in House Vote to Expand Medicaid

June 03, 2013

Augusta – Americans for Prosperity Maine is expressing their disappointment over today’s House vote in support of expanding Medicaid in Maine.  The expansion would come as part of a “deal” wherein the federal government would pay for some of the coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  The House passed the bill to expand Medicaid by a vote of 89-51.

“We are extremely disappointed in today’s House vote to expand the bloated and failing Medicaid program in our state.  Maine chose to expand Medicaid in 2002 and the results were not good.  Within two years of expanding Medicaid, enrollment was more than double what had been predicted, but between 2002 and 2011 the uninsured rate remained the same. These numbers do not bode well for any future Medicaid expansion we might undertake,” said Carol Weston, Maine state director of Americans for Prosperity.

According to a recent General Accountability Office (GAO) audit, the Department of Health and Human Services department has stopped enrolling new people in a pre-existing condition health insurance program that was established by ObamaCare due to spending concerns.

“As this recent GAO audit reveals, budget strains are already forcing portions of ObamaCare programs to ration care.  Why should we believe this will not happen with Medicaid expansion as well?” added Weston.  “We know from experience the promise of federal dollars is not one we should trust.  We urge the Governor to veto Medicaid expansion in the state.”

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