Americans for Prosperity Maine Applauds House Vote Sustaining Governor’s Veto of Medicaid Expansion, Holds Don’t Over-Tax ME Rally

June 21, 2013

Augusta – Americans for Prosperity Maine is applauding the House vote Wednesday sustaining the Governor’s veto of Medicaid expansion in Maine and hosted a Rally yesterday to assert their desire to see three proposed tax increases removed from the state budget.

“As we know, Medicaid expansion would be a budget buster for the state.  We in Maine have already been down the road of Medicaid expansion before and the results were not good.  Within two years of expanding Medicaid, enrollment was more than double what had been predicted, but between 2002 and 2011 the uninsured rate remained the same,” said Carol Weston, Maine state director of Americans for Prosperity.  “This vote represents a major victory for Maine taxpayers in the fight to keep state government within its means.  Now we must focus our attention on the state budget which includes three troublesome tax increases.”

To that end, Americans for Prosperity Maine hosted a Don’t Over Tax ME Rally yesterday morning that featured remarks from Governor Paul LePage and Mary Adams, Taxpayer Protection Pledge Director as well as Carol Weston, Americans for Prosperity Maine State Director and event host.

“The hard-working families and businesses in this state are already over taxed, and yet the budget proposal from the legislature includes three more tax increases on hard working Mainers,” added Weston.  “The left may try to divide us and separate people as either villains or victims but I am here to tell you in this budget, we are all victims.  This budget hurts all of us.”

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