Americans For Prosperity Launches “Exempt Me Too” ObamaCare Efforts

September 10, 2013

Americans for Prosperity-Maine is announcing today the unveiling of a new Exempt Me Too website and petition designed to highlight how many of the Administration’s political allies and other special interests have received exemptions from ObamaCare.

“It seems nearly every week there is a news story about a delay or exemption being issued to a well-connected political group surrounding the implementation of ObamaCare,” said Carol Weston, Americans for Prosperity Maine State Director.  “The bottom line is: no one seems to think ObamaCare should be implemented, at least not if they have to comply.”

This petition launch is the latest in AFP’s Exempt Me Too campaign, which focuses on Washington special interests groups and political cronies who have received exemptions from the new healthcare law and creates an outlet for people across the country to call on the President to grant them an exemption as well.

“The Exempt Me too site provides Mainers and people across the country with a way to ask the President for the same treatment he has been willing to dole out to Congress and special interests groups,” continued Weston. “The people of our state deserve an exemption too from this failed health care law and I hope they will use this site to call on the President to do so.”

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