AFP Responds to HHS Inspector General’s ObamaCare Findings

July 02, 2014

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips released the  following statement in response to a new HHS Inspector General report that found  the administration is still failing to fix millions of data problems that are  jeopardizing coverage for Americans:

“A few months ago, President Obama was singing the praises of  ObamaCare’s supposed turnaround. Now, the truth is becoming clearer: the  administration’s claim that millions of people have enrolled in ObamaCare  doesn’t mean that they have access to quality, affordable health  care. 

“This law has already left many with cancelled plans, lost access to  trusted doctors, and skyrocketing, unmanageable premiums. Now some families are  left worrying whether they even have the coverage that they signed up for. Every  day that goes by without a concession from the President that ObamaCare isn’t  working is another day that moms, dads, and children across the country are  forced to live out its painful consequences.”

The Associated Press reported today that the Inspector General at the  Department of Health and Human Services has said the administration has been  unable to resolve 2.6 million data discrepancies in the federal insurance  exchanges. Of more than 300,000 problematic cases, the administration has only  been able to resolve less than 1

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