Luke Hilgemann

Luke Hilgemann

August 01, 2013

A native of Wisconsin, Luke Hilgemann has spent his life and career fighting for lower taxes, limited government, personal freedom, fiscal restraint, and sound economic principles in Wisconsin. As director of one of the first AFP state chapters launched, Luke works to educate Wisconsinites about sound economic policy and mobilizes citizens as advocates in the public policy process. Luke has a solid background of Wisconsin state politics, working in the Wisconsin Legislature for over a decade. Luke has represented the people of Wisconsin starting as a Legislative Assistant and working all the way up to Chief of Staff for the Majority Leader in the State Assembly.

In his management role with the Majority Leader’s office he helped craft and implement one of the most conservative legislative agendas in state history which included collective bargaining reforms, Conceal and Carry, Voter ID, and Castle Doctrine.

Luke’s extensive knowledge of the Wisconsin State Legislature will make him extremely effective in influencing the debate on key issues affecting Wisconsinites’ pocketbooks, businesses, and prosperity.

Luke is also a veteran of Wisconsin politics having worked on several successful campaigns across the state. His most recent work included helping to secure a 60 seat majority in the State Assembly as a regional campaign manager for the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee in 2010.

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