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Greetings from Washington D.C.

October 15, 2014

            Washington has been great for career politician Mary Landrieu, but bad for Louisiana. While Landrieu has been living large in her $2.5 million Washington D.C. home, Louisianans have been struggling.  During her time on Capitol Hill, Landrieu has done nothing to prevent new EPA regulations that will strangle the Louisiana […]

AFP Expands Landrieu Accountability Effort with Significant Online Investment

September 25, 2014 J

BATON ROUGE — Americans for Prosperity is expanding its effort to hold Senator Mary Landrieu accountable for her record by making a significant investment in spreading the message online with the “Listen Up, Landrieu” website, accompanying shareable videos, and paid digital ads. The group recently launched ListenUpLandrieu.com, a one-stop shop for Louisianans looking to share information on Landrieu’s […]

AFP-Louisiana Launches Two New TV Ads on Landrieu

July 10, 2014

AFP-Louisiana Launches Two New TV Ads on Landrieu BATON ROUGE — Today the Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the state’s foremost grassroots advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of a major new multimedia effort in Louisiana. The group is launching TV and digital ads aimed at educating the public on the big-government policies that are hurting […]

Landrieu on EPA Regs: Claims vs. Reality

June 10, 2014 J

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity is urging Senator Landrieu to exhaust every possible avenue in keeping the EPA’s new power plant regulations from hurting Louisiana families whose budgets are already stretched. While Landrieu held a photo op at a coal-powered plant Pointe Coupee Parish on Monday, her actions suggest she’s […]

AFP Calls on Sen. Landrieu to Work Against EPA Regs

June 02, 2014

Job-killing regulations come after Landrieu allies voted against curtailing agency’s power. BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity is calling on Senator Landrieu to work against the job-killing greenhouse gas regulations expected to be released today by the Environmental Protection Agency. According to estimates from the Chamber of Commerce, these regulations could […]