Finally! Tax Reform

January 17, 2013
Finally! Governor Jindal plans to give Louisianans the tax reform we deserve. However, he needs your help to put pressure on the state legislature.

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For too long, residents and job-creators in the Pelican State have been burdened with high taxes that take too much of our hard-earned dollars. It’s gotten so bad that today Louisianans pay up to 41% in federal and state income tax. Such a high cost to making a living leaves individuals and businesses with less money to save, spend, and invest how we see best for themselves and their families, hurting the economy as a result.

Fortunately, Governor Bobby Jindal has proposed a bold new plan to revitalize Louisiana by making our tax climate more competitive. Jindal proposes to eliminate our state personal income and corporate tax, making up for the lost revenue with marginal increases in our state’s sales tax.

This proposal is a proven formula for prosperity. Other states that don’t levy a corporate and personal income tax, like Texas and Washington, have experienced tremendous economic growth over the past decade while states like Louisiana have lagged behind. A lower, simpler tax climate is a proven formula to attract more citizens and commerce to the Pelican State.

In fact, the nonpartisan Tax Foundation estimates that Gov. Jindal’s reforms would make Louisiana more business friendly than 45 other states including all our neighbors. Such comprehensive tax reform would signal to the rest of the country and the world that our great state is open for business, leaving Louisianans with more jobs and better wages.

Click here to show your support of Gov. Jindal’s plan to make Louisianan families and businesses more prosperous.

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