Americans for Prosperity Announces Lame Duck Agenda

November 13, 2012

Coalition Letter Calls on Congress to Honor Spending Cuts and Not Raise Taxes

Arlington, VA—Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom, released their recommendations for the lame duck session of Congress, and an action plan for grassroots activists to make their voices heard.

One of AFP’s primary goals is for Congress to follow through on cutting $109 billion from the upcoming budget, a figure already agreed on as a result of last year’s so-called Super Committee.

“Last year, lawmakers promised the American people they would initiate real spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling by $2 trillion. The lame duck session of Congress that starts today is a great opportunity for members to do the right thing and fulfill the promises they’ve made to rein in spending,” said AFP President Tim Phillips.

With the economy continuing to show anemic growth, AFP is also firmly opposed to new tax hikes, which would threaten the already weak recovery.

Americans are suffering with continued high unemployment, rising energy prices and a stagnant economy. Now is not the time to be raising taxes on anyone as our fragile economy still sputters,” explained Phillips.

To further these recommendations AFP has released a letter with 20 conservative groups urging congress against tax increases and to honor their promise for budget cuts. You can view the letter here.

AFP will be urging its 2.3 million activists to actively petition members of Congress, calling on them to oppose a tax hike and keep the $109 billion cuts in government spending.   Action can be taken via a recently launched website,, that helps educate citizens on the issues faced during the lame duck session, and enables messages to be sent directly to lawmakers.  AFP has also released an infographic that explains the looming $495 billion tax hike if Congress fails to act.

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