Welcome to ObamaCare

March 25, 2010

We’re only two days into ObamaCare and we’re already finding out it’s not as advertised. President Obama lauded the bill for immediately barring health insurers from taking children’s preexisting conditions into account. However, it turns out that the bill doesn’t actually do that. Insurers will still be able to refuse coverage to new child applicants, although insurers cannot refuse to pay for children already on their plans. The White House and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius quickly pledged to fix the flaw with new regulations.

This incident offers a window into our new existence under ObamaCare.

Once President Obama signed the government takeover of health care into law, medicine became a permanent fixture in our political discourse. I have no doubt that over the next ten years as the bureaucratic health care superstate emerges we will learn about countless typos, mistakes or mischaracterizations in this legislation. But never fear, we’ll be told, just a few alterations in the statute and all will be well.

Not only will ObamaCare have to be constantly rewritten as we learn what’s really in the bill and as bureaucrats actually try to implement it, but every excruciating decision will be played out in the media and through the political process. Even worse, the Department of Health and Human Services will make many of these decisions without a vote of Congress. This is what AFP and conservatives have been fighting against all along.

House Democrats passed health care because they were weary and wanted the issue to go away. It’s never going away. The rancor, the divisiveness and the politicization of medicine will never go away. This is just the beginning.

Welcome to ObamaCare.

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