Ryan-Murray Budget Deal Breaks Past Spending Agreements

December 11, 2013 J

By Thomas Fletcher

What has come out of the Budget Conference is a feeble deal that continues the status quo of overspending in Washington. This budget agreement fails to address this country’s long term fiscal problems. Instead of getting meaningful reforms on entitlements and government programs, this “deal” trades current spending reductions that were already the law of the land in order to increase federal spending  for the next two years. In other words, conservatives in Congress have given away tens of billions in cuts for the promise of future cuts, despite their consistent unwillingness to live up to these agreements.

The following are more specifics of the deal:

  • The deal will undo $65 billion of sequester cuts in FY14 and FY15. The federal government will spend $1,012 trillion in FY14, up from $967 billion established in the BCA caps—this is a $45B increase in spending. 
  • This is halfway between the original Ryan budget ($967 billion) and Murray budget ($1,058 trillion) released in the March.
  • The changes to the sequester are allocated between defense and non-defense accounts.
  • To pay-for these changes in federal spending, the deal includes: increases in TSA fees, changes federal employee pensions.
  • Particularly alarming is all of the so-called deficit reduction comes from shifting spending cuts out ten years.

Americans for Prosperity stands strongly opposed to the Ryan-Murray budget deal and we will include this vote in our congressional scorecard. Over 2 million AFP activists live in all 50 states, and they didn’t sent their elected officials to Washington to fuel higher spending, but that’s exactly what they are poised to do with this deal.

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