AFP Leading the Green Jobs Revolution?

June 07, 2012 J,

Yesterday Chairman Issa held oversight hearings examining the Bureau of Labor Statistics absurd methodology for calculating green jobs.  As it turns out, almost anyone can qualify, including: the Salvation Army (reused goods), bus drivers (mass transit), antique dealers (reused goods) and … yes … even oil lobbyists (environmental awareness) are counted as green jobs these days.

On May 18, AFP received a survey from BLS because they wanted our “help measuring the number of jobs involved in the production of green jobs and services.”  But the survey arrived by snail mail; you’d think a survey about green jobs would at least arrive electronically.

Under Question 4, BLS encourages those surveyed to consider whether they increase environmental compliance, education and training, and public awareness of products and services that:

  • “Provide education/training related to green technologies/practices
  • “Increase public awareness of environmental issues”

Lo and behold, AFP has unwittingly been leading the green jobs revolution by going across the country to educate and mobilize grassroots Americans about ethanol handouts, the distortionary wind production tax credit, senseless obstructions to the Keystone pipeline, EPA’s abuse of the Clean Air Act and jurisdictional power grab with the Clean Water Act.

In today’s Orwellian United States, even if you oppose politically correct green jobs language and the heavy economic burdens these policies put on our country, BLS will count you anyway.

Next time you hear the President talk about how many green jobs he created, remember he has BLS counting groups like AFP to thank for it.  Oh, and those antique dealers too.

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