Phil Kerpen: Enzi Resolution needed to stop Obama's NLRB

March 02, 2012 J

No bureaucratic entity has wreaked more havoc on the U.S. economy of late than the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which infamously sued Boeing for locating in a right-to-work state, is suing four states to overturn their private ballot protections in union elections, and has pursued a dizzying array of regulations and decisions designed to rig the rules and force workers into unions against their will.

To keep the tilt to union bosses going strong, last month Obama took the unprecedented step of declaring the Senate to be in recess – while it believed itself to be in session – so he could appoint union radical Richard Griffin to keep the rewards flowing to union bosses who provide the critical funding and muscle for Obama’s re-election effort.

Griffin comes directly from the International Union of Operating Engineers, one of the most chronically corrupt unions in America, and he has a history of intimidating and silencing rank-and-file union workers to advance the interests of union bosses.

The latest evidence of the anti-worker attitude at the NLRB comes from the agency’s own employees. A flyer recently distributed by the NLRB Union said, “The NLRBU urges Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon and Chairman Mark Pearce to practice what they preach and stop trying to destroy their employees’ union.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

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