Senate Key Vote: YES on Senator Inhofe's Utility MACT Disapproval

June 18, 2012 J

Dear Senators,

On behalf of more than two million Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I urge you to halt, not merely delay, the EPA’s disastrous Utility MACT rule.  The Senate must do its part to stand up to the EPA and end a rule that will do more harm than good for the American people.

Americans for Prosperity will include the following votes in our congressional scorecard:

  • Vote YES on S.J.Res.37, Senator Inhofe’s CRA resolution of disapproval.

    The Congressional Review Act was designed for situations just like this: to rein in politicized regulators imposing huge costs on American families and businesses, all in pursuit of illusory health and environmental benefits.  Utility MACT’s goal is to shut down coal-fired power plants across the country, but American consumers will ultimately bear the burden with a spike in electricity prices up to 24%.  The incredible costs are not justified by the benefits of further reducing mercury emissions, which are miniscule in comparison; the rule’s costs outweigh its actual benefits by 1,800 to 1.  If the Senate still believes regulations should pass the common sense test, this rule cannot stand.

  • Vote NO on the distraction bill from Senators Alexander and Pryor, or any legislation that would have a similar effect.

    Extending the timeline for when this rule will take a bite out of the American economy is nothing more than caving to the environmental lobby and the bogus science that allowed this rule to surface in the first place.  The only thing this achieves is providing cover for weak-kneed senators who refuse to stand up to the EPA but still want their constituents to think they are “concerned” about the rule’s affect.  Peeling votes off of the right solution so that politicians can have a neat talking point to share with their constituents is deceitful Washington politics at its worst.


James Valvo
Director of Policy
Americans for Prosperity

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