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The Freedom Pledge is a new social media tool that will help you identify which of your friends are most likely to vote for freedom. Once you find out who they are, take the time to remind them that voting is important. Be an active citizen this Election Day and help others to “get out the vote”!

Kill the Death Tax

The death tax, also known as the estate tax, is a tax on a person’s assets at death. When one generation wishes to pass family business assets down to the next generation, the death tax can threaten the continued viability of the business’ operations. Join AFP in repealing the death tax.

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Americans for Prosperity on Ride-Share Regs: Don’t Jack Our Ride

September 04, 2014

Urges Lawmakers and Regulators to Embrace Entrepreneurship, Not Cronyism Louisville, Ky – Americans for Prosperity issued a direct response to the announcement of plans by state regulators to issue regulations on ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Noting that the companies are bringing innovation, entrepreneurship, and a great service to the market, Americans for Prosperity discouraged […]

AFP to Speaker Stumbo: EPA Regs are No Joke

July 25, 2014

FRANKFORT – Americans for Prosperity responded today to State Representative Gregory Stumbo’s claim on social media that he was kicked out of the White House over comments about the new EPA regulations on carbon emissions. AFP reminded Speaker Stumbo that while he pretends to play tough, families in Kentucky are facing higher energy prices and less jobs. “Mr. […]

Budget Shortfall “Solution” Sets Kentucky Up for Failure

July 17, 2014 J,

    Budget Shortfall “Solution” sets Kentucky Up for Failure  FRANKFORT – Julia Crigler, the new State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Kentucky, offered the following statement in response to Governor Beshear’s budget announcement: “It’s disappointing that Governor Beshear has again chosen to irresponsibly take from the egregiously underfunded rainy day fund that already […]

AFP Applauds McCarthy on Ex-Im Bank; Urges House to Oppose Re-Authorization

July 16, 2014 J,

Arlington, Va. — Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost grassroots advocate for economic freedom, is applauding incoming House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for his position on the Export-Import Bank, and urging his House colleagues to join him in opposing reauthorization. The group is leading a broad coalition of organizations, representing millions of Americans, in calling […]

AFP on GDP: Obama’s Failed. Opportunity, Growth the Answer

July 16, 2014 J,

Arlington, Va. — Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips released the following statement regarding news that first quarter GDP was revised down to -2.9%, the worst contraction in five years: “Much of the Obama administration was holed up at the Working Families Summit earlier this week, talking over solutions for those who are struggling in this […]