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Upcoming Meetings: Nov. 13 in Wichita

November 08, 2012 J

You are invited to the Wichita chapter’s monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 at Spangles (Kellogg & Broadway). AFP-Kansas grassroots coordinator Susan Estes will discuss the 2012 Economic Freedom Index, developed by The Heritage Foundation. The presentation will be followed by Q&A/group discussion.

For more info, or to RSVP, contact Susan Estes (sestes@afphq.org or 316.681.4415) or Wichita AFP volunteer coordinator John Todd (john@johntodd.net or 316.312.7335).

More about the Economic Freedom Index:

The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, Washington’s preeminent think tank, have tracked the march of economic freedom around the world with the influential Index of Economic Freedom. Since 1995, the Index has brought Smith’s theories about liberty, prosperity and economic freedom to life by creating 10 benchmarks that gauge the economic success of 184 countries around the world. With its user-friendly format, readers can see how 18th century theories on prosperity and economic freedom are realities in the 21st century. The Index covers 10 freedoms – from property rights to entrepreneurship – in 184 countries.



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