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2013 Kansas Tax Pledge

December 13, 2012 J

We have sent all members of the 2013 Kansas Legislature a letter, asking them to sign our tax pledge.

The pledge we have asked legislators to sign is not a pledge to Americans for Prosperity-Kansas; it is to you, the people of Kansas. You know that politicians often run for office saying they won’t raise taxes. This pledge is to put that campaign rhetoric in writing.

We plan to let you know as the signed tax pledges are returned, so you know whether or not your elected representative in Topeka has made a commitment to protect your best interests by not increasing your tax burden.

Kansas House

Brunk, Steve – 85th Dist.

Carlson, Richard – 61st Dist.

Corbet, Ken – 54th Dist.

Couture-Lovelady, Travis – 110th Dist.

DeGraaf, Peter – 82nd Dist.

Edwards, George “Joe” – 93rd Dist.

Hedke, Dennis – 99th Dist.

Hermanson, Phil – 98th Dist.

Highland, Ron – 51st Dist.

Howell, Jim – 81st Dist.

Mast, Peggy – 76th Dist.

O’Brien, Connie – 42nd Dist.

Powell, Josh – 50th Dist.

Rhoades, Marc – 72nd Dist.

Seiwert, Joe – 101st Dist.

Kansas Senate

Abrams, Steve – 32nd Dist.

Arpke, Tom – 24th Dist.

LaTurner, Jake – 13th Dist

Melcher, Jeff – 11th Dist.

O’Donnell, Michael – 25th Dist.

Olson, Rob – 23rd Dist.

Petersen, Mike – 28th Dist.

Pilcher-Cook, Mary – 10th Dist.

Powell, Larry – 39th Dist.

Pyle, Dennis – 1st Dist.

Wagle, Susan – 30th Dist.

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