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AFP-Kansas 2011 Legislative Agenda proposes spending constraints, zero-based budgeting and government reforms

January 25, 2011

TOPEKA, KAN. – The Kansas chapter of the grassroots group Americans for Prosperity has announced its 2011 Legislative Agenda.

As in years past, the organization proposes the establishment of a rainy day fund, a super-majority requirement for raising taxes, and spending constraints designed to limit the growth of spending.

“AFP continues to support limited government and responsible tax and budget policies that force state government to live within its means,” said AFP-Kansas state director Derrick Sontag. “We must learn from our mistakes in the past and implement spending constraints – legislation designed to curb excessive spending in Topeka.”

Sontag pointed out that compared to neighboring states, Kansas is already uncompetitive and any additional tax increases will only worsen the problem.

“We support efforts to balance the budget without asking taxpayers for more, and we will fight any and all attempts to increase taxes in order to balance the budget,” he said.

Additionally, AFP-Kansas will push for zero-based budgeting for state agencies.

“To require a state agency to build its budget from scratch once every four years is not an unreasonable request and should be welcomed by our state government,” Sontag said.

The AFP-Kansas legislative agenda also supports reforms of taxpayer-funded lobbying, Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) and the judicial system.

Click on the attachment below to view the full agenda.

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