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Wichita Americans for Prosperity Chapter Addresses Opposition Phone Calls

December 07, 2011 J

For Immediate Release – Dec. 7, 2011
Contact: Jen Rezac, 785.354.4237

TOPEKA, KAN. – The Wichita chapter of the grassroots group Americans for Prosperity-Kansas released the following statement today in response to an effort to have signees remove their names from the recent petition to force an election on a Wichita charter ordinance.

“Activists with Americans for Prosperity and many other local organizations are firmly engaged in the public process, acting on our right to ask for a public vote on how our city doles out tax dollars to private interests. Certainly the opposition in this matter is acting on its right to fight our efforts.

“However, from what we have heard from some of the recipients of recent phone calls, the actions of our opposition seem desperate, insulting and even intimidating to some. We find it interesting that an entity so concerned about receiving public incentives is so against allowing the public to vote on one portion of the approved incentive package. Great lengths are being taken– and at great expense – to prevent Wichitans from voting, even going so far as to have individuals from Colorado calling petition signers to sway their opinion about a Wichita issue.

“The signature gathering process has simply been about one thing: providing the people of Wichita an opportunity to express support or opposition to this type of public tax policy. A campaign would allow both proponents and opponents to share their message with the people of Wichita. We believe his would be a healthy debate for our community. One that is needed, one that we hoped would be embraced by all. We are not afraid of this public debate, but apparently some are.”

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