Stop Crony Capitalism in Wichita

April 15, 2013

In September 2011 the City Council authorized millions in tax breaks to the Ambassador Hotel. In February 2012 voters sent a clear message to the City Council when they voted down one of those tax breaks by a wide margin.

Tomorrow, April 16, the council will consider giving the Ambassador Hotel another goodie: forgiveness of $700,000 in sales tax — the same sales tax that other businesses and people must pay. This tax break is part of the Industrial Revenue Bond package the council will vote on.

We think giving one hotel an advantage over the others is bad business. Giving tax breaks to a project developed by your campaign contributors at best appears to be a conflict of interest. In fact some even call it pay-to-play.

Email the Mayor and the council members and ask them to declare a conflict of interest and abstain from voting on this incentive.

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You can read more about this issue at Wichita Liberty.
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