State Budget: We Can Do Better

March 26, 2013

As the Kansas Legislature continues to work on the budget over the next few days, we encourage you to take a moment to ask your legislator to stop the spending increases in our state.

Kansas’ spending and debt have skyrocketed over the past 60 years. Our state government’s spending increased by 571% from 1960 to 2010 after adjusting for inflation. During the same time frame, state government debt increased by 335%. While increased population accounts for much of the need to increase spending, it has by far outpaced the 31% increase in population during the same time frame.

From 1960 to 2010, per capita state government spending grew from $1,134 to $5,813 after adjusting for inflation. That’s $5,813 for each man, woman and child in Kansas.

Fortunately, Kansas legislators are becoming aware of the damage overspending has caused our state and have hit reverse. Although we should celebrate the tangible improvements, Kansans should not mistake our state’s spending problems as being solved. We must continue to hold our elected officials accountable to a fiscally responsible rate of spending that is characteristic of any good government.

It’s critical that legislators remain on the path toward fiscal responsibility. They must continue to make cuts in state spending, and allow the sales tax to sunset as promised.

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