Tell Legislators to Repeal Green Energy Mandates

February 15, 2013

The Kansas Legislature is considering proposals to lower Kansas’ costly green energy mandate known as a “renewable portfolio standard.” This mandate, passed in 2009, requires that 20% of energy produce in Kansas by 2020 come from renewable energy sources. While lowering the mandate is a step in the right direction, AFP supports a full repeal of this unneeded mandate on Kansas ratepayers.

Green energy mandates replace the free-market with bureaucratic government oversight; driving up costs for hard-working Kansas families. Electricity prices in states with green energy mandates are 40% higher than other states. A recent study by the Kansas Policy Institute found that the green energy mandate in Kansas will cost the average household $660 a year. Families are struggling in this weak economy recovery and can’t afford to pay for these special-interest pet projects.

The problems don’t stop there. Due to the high cost of electricity in the state, thousands of Kansans will lose their jobs as companies flee to our low energy cost neighbors.

Click here to tell your legislator to repeal this costly mandate.


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