Recap: AFP & Linn County Tea Party Meeting

April 12, 2013

Activists met in Mound City, Kan., last night for a meeting of the Linn County Tea Party group.

The group met to focus on issues regarding Constitutional liberties and what items currently before the Kansas Legislature may infringe upon those rights.

AFP-Kansas grassroots coordinator Jim Mullins addressed the group about one very important — the Common Core initiative and how those education requirements amount to a federal mandate on states. Common Core adopts the failed strategy of trying to reform education by simply raising academic standards, instead of doing the hard work of going school by school to restructure failing systems. We believe it is sure to reap the same fruitless results since raising standards in the past has not been proven to raise student achievement.

Learn more about Common Core by visiting the ‘Need to Know’ section of our sister organization’s website, or take a moment to watch this TV news report, “Reality Check: The truth behind behind ‘Common Core.’ “


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