Letter to the editor: Statewide Sales Tax Rate

April 19, 2013

The following letter to the editor by AFP-Kansas state director Jeff Glendening is published in today’s Topeka Capital-Journal:

A recent letter to the editor alleges that Americans for Prosperity is encouraging Gov. Brownback to keep the sales tax at its current rate rather than allowing it to drop back down to 5.7 percent.

The author would be wise to check the facts from the anonymous state senator he cites.

In our 2013 Legislative Agenda, we state that we do not support retaining the sales tax at its current level of 6.3 percent. A high sales tax rate is especially damaging to our state’s revenue collections when one considers that a third of our state’s population resides in a county that borders Missouri, a state with a state sales tax rate of around four percent. Additionally, we contend that retaining the sales tax rate at its current level is simply an excuse to avoid reducing state spending.

AFP has in recent weeks, and will in the weeks to come, continue to encourage our members to contact their legislators about state spending. Many improvements have been made in the past few years to get our state back on a path toward fiscal responsibility and it’s critical that our state remains on that path. Legislators and the Governor must continue to make cuts in state spending, and allow the sales tax to sunset as promised.

Jeff Glendening
Kansas State Director
Americans for Prosperity

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