Kansas parents and students need more school choice

March 25, 2013

The Kansas House is debating the Corporate Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program today, March 25, which would provide scholarships for eligible students and creating non-profit scholarship granting organizations in Kansas. Kansas parents need more options in choosing the best path for their children’s education, and this bill would be a step toward more school choice.

This program will provide incentives for the creation of scholarships for students under 185% of the federal poverty line, or who have special needs. With more scholarships available for students, more parents will have access to schools that may better suit their children’s needs.

We believe it’s important for Kansas parents to have more resources to choose the best option for their children’s education because this will result in improved outcomes for these children. And children remaining in public schools can benefit as well. Public schools that may be currently underperforming must be able to compete for students or be left behind.

Click here to tell your representative to support school choice through AFP-Kansas’ action center.


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