College & Career Ready Standards: Meet our panelists!

November 11, 2013

AFP-Kansas is hosting two panels on College & Career Ready Standards in Quinter and Hays this weekend. Here are the panelists you’ll be hearing from:

Vanessa Everhart is a co-founder of Kansans Against Common Core. She has been involved in learning about Common Core since March of 2013 when intrusive questions were being asked during a “Parents as Teachers” session. This led her to educate herself as to why the changes in the program and what she found shocked and scared her. She then spent most of Spring Break studying Common Core and how it will affect future generations of children and is now determined to help restore education back to local control where it began and belongs. She lives in Bennington, Kansas, with her husband and is mom to five children ranging in age from three to 22.

Kristin George is a co-founder of Kansans Against Common Core. She began researching Common Core in early 2013 after reading an article about the new standards. As she began to ask questions and look for more information, she discovered most people knew very little about Common Core and the current changes happening in education. Since then, she has been working to inform others about Common Core through grassroots efforts. Kristin currently lives in Pratt, Kansas, with her husband and two young children.

Teresa Selensky is a concerned parent living in rural Northwest Kansas. She was a first-grade teacher for two years, then worked with the Parents As Teachers Program for 18 years, stepping down after having her third child. She became concerned when her oldest son repeatedly came home from school saying he hated math. Her concerns led her to begin researching the Common Core Standards and what is now happening in schools across the nation. As a staunch supporter of parents as their children’s first teachers, Teresa has made spreading the word about Common Core a priority. She and her husband live and work on their farm near Grainfield, Kansas, with their three young boys.

Angela Stiens is co-founder of Kansas Catholics for Academic Excellence. After learning of Common Core Standards (CCS) at a short presentation this past spring at her children’s Catholic school, and after the urging of a friend to investigate the information more closely, she set on an arduous path of information gathering and networking. What initially concerned her most was the significant involvement by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the federal government. Frustrated with limited or no answers from diocesan administration, Angela and a friend launched Kansas Catholics for Academic Excellence with the intention of stimulating conversation and seeking solutions to the current secular direction (including CCS) and education path chosen by many Catholic schools. The motivation behind her efforts are her five beautiful children. Angela and her husband reside with their children in Shawnee, Kansas, where she is actively involved in her parish and pro-life activities.

Shane Vander Hart writes extensively about the Common Core State Standards at and He is the founder and editor of a popular conservative Christian blog. Shane also consults with American Principles Project. He is considered a top political influencer in Iowa by Campaigns & Elections Magazine. He lives near Des Moines, Iowa, where he and his wife homeschool their three teenage children.

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