Americans for Prosperity encourages City Council to reject West Bank proposals

August 05, 2013

WICHITA, KAN. – The Wichita area chapter of Americans for Prosperity held a news conference today to outline concerns about the Wichita City Council’s upcoming vote on two potential developers for the West Bank development project along the Arkansas River.

The grassroots group’s concerns are based on the proposals from developers to acquire land for the development from the city based on their own appraisals on the property, and the lack of an independent appraisal to assess the land’s value.

“Tomorrow, we will ask the Wichita City Council not to accept either of these development proposals,” said AFP-Kansas field director Susan Estes. “It’s vital that our elected officials are vigilant with the resources that are paid for with the taxes from hardworking citizens.”

AFP-Kansas has encouraged its local members to contact Mayor Carl Brewer and council members to voice their concerns about the taxpayers getting shortchanged on the sale of the land.

“It’s our belief that taxpayers are being poorly served by a city council that has been willing to buy less valuable land for $8.50 per square foot, but then to sell adjacent land in a more desirable location for only 47 cents per square foot,” Estes said.

Rather than accepting one of the development proposals for the apartment complex, Estes says an auction would be an alternative that would better serve taxpayers.

“We’d like to see the city have an independent appraisal for the property, and then put the land up for auction,” she said. “Otherwise we’re losing out by practically giving away this valuable property.”

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