Americans for Prosperity – Kansas Responds to Renewable Portfolio Standards Story

November 12, 2013

Americans for Prosperity Responds to Renewable Portfolio Standards Story Renewable Fuel Standards introduced by Kathleen Sebelius are Shackling Kansas’ Economy

Topeka – Americans for Prosperity – Kansas State Director Jeff Glendening offered the following statement in response to a breaking Associated Press story about major problems with Renewable Portfolio Standard regulations:

“After nearly five years living under the Obama administration’s big government policies, their effects are no longer merely academic. It’s irrefutable that they are keeping the American economy shackled with unnecessary regulation. On the heels of the ObamaCare disaster comes another case of overregulation choking off economic growth while doing nothing to help our environment or our families. This piece thoroughly debunks defenses of green energy mandates like Kansas’ Renewable Portfolio Standard. Proposed by Kathleen Sebelius, the RPS mandates so-called “green energy” and costs Kansas families and job creators higher utility bills.”

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