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2012 Candidate Questionnaires

2012 Candidate Questionnaires

June 21, 2012

Americans for Prosperity-Kansas sincerely thanks those who have decided to participate in the political process by filing to run for the Kansas Legislature.  To help our members better understand the viewpoints of the candidates, we have sent each individual running for the House and Senate a candidate questionnaire.

We are continuing to receive candidate questionnaires through the mail, and we will continue to post them online as they come in.

Please take a moment to find the people who are running to represent you in the Kansas Legislature.  These surveys have been posted exactly as they were sent to AFP;  no edits have been made.  Check back often, as we are updating the list daily.

2012 Candidates for the Kansas House of Representatives

Alcala, John – 57th District

Alley, Larry – 79th District

Banks, Emanuel – 89th District

Barker, John – 70th District

Batson, Randall – 105th District

Bideau, Ed – 9th District

Boldra, Sue – 111th District

Bradford, John – 40th District

Brunk, Steve – 85th District

Bukaty, Tony – 33rd District

Carlson, Richard – 61st District

Carpenter, Will – 75th District

Corbet, Ken – 54th District

Couture-Lovelady, Travis – 110th District

Edwards, George “Joe” – 93rd District

Elliott, Peggy – 89th District

Garber, Randy – 62nd District

Garvey, Tim – 83rd District

Goodman, Jana – 41st District

Hawkins, Daniel – 100th District

Hedke, Dennis – 99th District

Hermanson, Phil – 98th District

Hesse, Wm. Scott – 52nd District

Hibbard, Larry House – 13th District

Highland, Ron – 51st District

Hoffman, Kyle – 116th District

Houser, Michael – 1st District

Howell, Jim – 81st District

Jones, Dick – 52nd District

Jones, Kevin – 5th District

Kahrs, Mark – 87th District

Kelb, Tim – 31st District

Kerner, Michael – 17th District

Kinzer, Lance – 30th District

Lambert, Larry – 100th District

Locke, Jeffrey – 2nd District

Lunn, Jerry – 28th District

Macheers, Charles – 39th District

Mast, Peggy – 76th District

McPherson, Craig – 8th District

Meigs, Kelly – 23rd District

Merrick, Ray – 27th District

Mitchell, Janet – 56th District

Modesitt, Lee – 66th District

Nioce, Becky – 55th District

O’Brien, Connie – 42nd District

Peck, Virgil – 12th District

Petty, Reid – 125th District

Read, Marty – 4th District

Rosenow, Aimee – 57th District

Rothlisberg, Allan – 65th District

Rubin, John – 18th District

Ryckman, Ronald – 115th District

Seiwert, Joe – 101st District

Shipp, Shawn – 36th District

Suellentrop, Gene – 91st District

Sutton, Bill – 43rd District

Thimesch, Jack – 114th District

Waldschmidt, Christopher – 24th District

Waymaster, Troy – 109th District

Willoughby, John – 100th District

Wren, Rodney – 83rd District

2012 Candidates for the Kansas Senate

Abrams, Steve – 32nd District

Barta, Dick – 18th District

Brown, Anthony – 3rd District

Ellis, Ronald – 2nd District

Fitzgerald, Steve – 5th District

Kerschen, Dan – 26th District

Knox, Forrest – 14th District

Masterson, Ty – 16th District

Moore, Casey – 19th District

O’Donnell, Michael – 25th District

Olson, Rob – 23rd District

Pilcher-Cook, Mary – 10th District

Powell, Larry – 39th District

Pyle, Dennis – 1st District

Reader, Bob – 22nd District

Smith, Greg – 21st District

Steineger, Chris – 6th District

Tyson, Caryn – 12th District

Ward, Joe – 4th District




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