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Special Interest Tax Breaks Highlight Problems In Federal Tax Code

December 13, 2013 J

By Wesley Coopersmith In his influential book The Rise and Decline of Nations, Yale University economist Mancur Olson explores the reasons why once-prosperous countries fall into economic stagnation and ultimately collapse. Journalist Jonathan Rauch built upon Olson’s theory, explaining that wealthy countries decline when their society ceases creative production and instead turns to government lobbying [...]

Ryan-Murray Budget Deal Breaks Past Spending Agreements

December 11, 2013 J

By Thomas Fletcher What has come out of the Budget Conference is a feeble deal that continues the status quo of overspending in Washington. This budget agreement fails to address this country’s long term fiscal problems. Instead of getting meaningful reforms on entitlements and government programs, this “deal” trades current spending reductions that were already [...]

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