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Fiscal Cliff: Let the Triple Counting Begin

December 18, 2012 J,

By: James Valvo The lame-duck deal to avert the fiscal cliff is taking shape and although the details remain fuzzy it looks like Washington is poised to use a classic budget gimmick to avoid their most-hated exercise: cutting spending.  Republicans and conservatives have consistently mocked the double counting of the Medicare reductions in the President’s [...]

Misguided Tax Hikes

December 11, 2012 J

By: David Jackson It is a simple fact of economics that capital formation is a critical feature of long term economic growth. Through capital formation, new industries are forged and jobs are created, subsequently providing a higher standard of living for all of society. If this is true, then why would the Obama Administration insist [...]

Myths from D.C. Part 2: “The rich need to pay their fair share”

December 07, 2012 J

By Jason Hughey From Barack Obama to Elizabeth Warren to Warren Buffett, we have been barraged over the past year with the outlandish claim that, “the rich need to pay their fair share.” The problem? The rich already pay much higher shares of taxes than anyone else. The evidence is simply overwhelming on this issue. [...]

Getting the Facts Right on Wind Energy

November 19, 2012 J,

By Christine Harbin The main federal tax break for wind energy, the production tax credit (PTC), is set to expire in at the end of next month, and the debate over whether Congress should extend it is far from settled. With the wind lobby out in full force in Washington right now, it’s important to [...]

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