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Your Tax Dollars Are Going to Film Producers

June 07, 2013 J

By: Steven Russell What do Iron Man, Transformers 3, and Oz: The Great and Powerful all have in common? The answer: taxpayer dollars. That’s right; add motion pictures to the growing list of industries subsidized by the government. In the past decade, government subsidies to the film industry have increased dramatically. In 2002 only five [...]

Tax Reform Working Groups Sandbag for Carbon Tax?

June 03, 2013 J,

Senator Max Baucus and Representative Dave Camp continue to move forward on tax reform.  A package that simplifies and flattens the code while lowering rates is badly needed and could help reinvigorate our stagnant economy.  One of the dangers of comprehensive reform is that economically-damaging policies can work their way into the code too.  Earlier [...]

IRS Enforcement of ObamaCare

May 14, 2013 J,

President Obama has empowered the IRS to enforce this law and oversee every American’s health insurance decisions.  It is deeply concerning that all Americans will now be asked to turn over the private health insurance information about their children and families to a disgraced organization that has admitted to abusing the power which was entrusted [...]

MLPs Let Renewables Capitalize in New York not Washington

April 25, 2013 J,

James Valvo It’s time to treat renewable energy providers just like everyone else.  In many ways, the playing field is dramatically tilted in their favor, with myriad tax credits, grant programs, loan guarantees and purchase mandates.  However, federal policy still excludes renewables, coal-fired electricity production and nuclear from an important business structure from which other [...]

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