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Next on the Federal Reserve’s Agenda: Your Credit Card

If there is one thing the Obama Administration has done with unwavering consistency, it is acting outside of its authority. Recently, the Federal Reserve has expressed interest in entering the electronic payments industry. More specifically: processing credit and debit card transactions. The possibility of this happening is alarming as it would mean the federal government would be trying to compete in an industry they regulate. This could pose a serious threat to the free market and competition in the electronic payment industry.

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Export-Import Bank: Privatized Gains and Socialized Losses

August 12, 2014 J,

Much has been written over the costs and shortcomings of the beleaguered bank as well as its corporate welfare aspects. In fact, one notable politician called Ex-Im “little more than a fund for corporate welfare” – but that was before he was elected president. What has been less discussed, however, is that for every job the Ex-Im bank “supports “it destroys as many, if not more, American jobs.

AFP Signs Memo for the Movement – End the Export-Import Bank

July 16, 2014 J,

Americans for Prosperity is proud to join 40+ coalition partners in signing a letter that urges all Senate and House Republicans to oppose reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank. The coalition calls on House leaders — particularly Majority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling — to oppose scheduling a vote on the Ex-Im Bank [...]

AFP Round-up on Export Import Bank

July 08, 2014 J

By Christine Harbin Hanson Facing the imminent expiration of the Export Import Bank at the end of September, with few legislative days in between, special interests are lobbying furiously. They’re out in full force on Capitol Hill and in their congressional district offices, sparing no expense and spreading the same politically-charged myths about the Bank’s [...]