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Iowans call for tax reform!

June 06, 2014

Iowans deserve a simpler and fairer tax code. AFP supports a 4.5% flat-tax option for all taxpayers. Under this system not a single Iowan will pay higher taxes. According to the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency, nearly 39 percent of taxpayers would choose a flat tax, saving them close to $400 million.

The complex graduated tax structure of the current system is filled with loop-holes and is so complex that Iowans spend unnecessary time and money to simply abide by the law and pay their taxes. A flat-tax option is favorable as it provides a much simpler system, one that would save taxpayers money and remove unnecessary complexity from state law.

Also, as taxes seem to be growing at every level (locally, statewide, and nationally), implementing a flat-tax system now would help lawmakers see past the complexity of the current system and take note of how further tax increases would harm Iowans. A flat tax is the most fair way of taxation as everyone pays the same rate and that is something that AFP stands behind.

Help tell lawmakers that we need tax reform!

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