Spending Accountability Tour

April 24, 2013

Today we took our Spending Accountability Tour vehicle to Newton, Iowa. Our bright green Suburban sure gets a lot of curious looks on the interstate. It boldly says Cut Spending and Cut Taxes. We also have a link to our website CutIowaTaxes.com that allows folks to e-mail their representatives in Iowa to prioritize spending and reduce the tax burden.

We had a great lunch with a handful of our most dedicated activists at the local Pizza Ranch. I spoke about my military background and how I believe the greatest threat to our national security is not overseas. The out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C. will make it difficult to fund the military we need today.

All of our activists agreed the most important issue we need to tackle is spending. We then started to talk about issues in the Iowa statehouse. They were passionate about not raising the gas tax. It does not make sense to raise taxes when our state government has a $1 billion budget surplus. We also discussed that Iowa needs to pass meaningful property tax reform to avert a $2 billion tax increase over the next decade.

My favorite question to ask our supporters is about local issues facing their community. One former business owner talked about the deteriorating roads. He was concerned that the budget in Newton is being consumed by labor costs due to an active union. Another activist was worried about the affect the recent flood was having on their sewer system. We all agreed that the municipal government in Newton needs to prioritize their spending to fund critical infrastructure improvements.

It was a great meeting today that left me feeling energized. Our grassroots are passionate about making a difference in their communities. I look forward to traveling tomorrow to Iowa City for the Eastside Conservative Breakfast meeting and a lunch event in Cedar Rapids!

Mark Lucas
Iowa State Director
Americans for Prosperity – Iowa

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