May 3: Spending Accountability Tour

May 06, 2013

Yesterday morning I left Des Moines and drove north into whiteout conditions. The first stop of the day was Hampton, Iowa where we sat in a small café, drank coffee and talked about the issues of the day. As we have been doing, I asked what the local issues were. Unlike many of our other stops on the tour where we talked about property taxes, gas tax, debt or unemployment, today we talked about the culture that has developed; a culture of government dependency.

One of the big issues not only in Iowa, but in many other states is the expansion of Medicaid. A few weeks ago the Iowa House held a public hearing on that very subject and AFP-Iowa state director Mark Lucas offered his perspective. One of the most memorable lines in his speech highlighted the need to focus on strengthening the private economy because a vibrant economy does far more to help the lower class than big government programs. That line could be used to summarize much of our discussion in Hampton.

From Hampton, I drove further north for another great stop in Mason City before completing today’s 12 hour circuit with a drive back to Des Moines. If there is one thing I am learning on this tour, it is that Iowans understand the challenges that we face and they know where we need to go. They are ready to take action and I am grateful for the opportunity to stand beside them in the fight for economic freedom!

Drew Klein
Americans for Prosperity
Iowa Field Coordinator

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