Big Government Braley Tour launches

August 08, 2013

The Big Government Braley Tour launched this week with Congressman King in Fort Dodge and Carroll, Iowa. These daytime events drew large crowds eager to hear more about the spending record of Congressman Bruce Braley.

AFP-Iowa state director Mark Lucas introduced Congressman King to a crowd of over 30 people in Fort Dodge early Tuesday afternoon. King explained why Obamacare is bad for patients, doctors, and businesses alike. He informed Fort Dodge residents that Braley provided the closing argument in the House of Representatives for Obamacare on behalf of Nancy Pelosi.

The event in Carroll on Wednesday hosted nearly 70 people and several media outlets. Lucas explained that Congressman Braley has a lower lifetime score on the AFP Scorecard than both Senator Tom Harkin and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. He also mentioned that Braley’s support of Cap and Trade would eliminate an estimated 32,000 Iowa jobs.

Congressman King talked extensively about how Braley’s support for a carbon tax would hurt Iowa families and business alike. If a carbon tax is adopted energy costs would skyrocket hurting families.

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