AFP-Iowa at the Iowa Bacon Bowl

July 22, 2013

Did you know that your U.S. Government spends $100,000 each year on expenses for the president’s dog? Did you know that NASA spends $1 Million annually developing recipes for pizzas and other foods to be served on Mars? How about the $145,000 that the state of Iowa spent from its highway funds to build a bronze statue?

Our government is riddled with this kind of wasteful “Pork” spending at every level and it can be quite depressing. However, we had some fun with these projects on Saturday, July 20th at the first annual Iowa Bacon Bowl where we quizzed everyday citizens about what the government was doing with their hard-earned money and then blunted the pain with some great prizes.

Responses to our little game usually contained some collection of the words “sick,” “unbelievable,” and “why.”  There are very few people that believe the government spending $1 Million dollars to promote poetry in zoos or $27 Million to teach Moroccans how to make pottery is a good idea.

We did however encounter a few committed liberals.  In fact, one of them said that we were getting worked up about nothing.  He claimed, “As long as the program costs less than $100 Million, we shouldn’t be worried about it.” If I were to guess, this recent college grad probably hasn’t paid any taxes yet.

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