April 26: Spending Accountability Tour

April 27, 2013

Today we put another +400 miles on the Prosperity ‘Burb with stops in Pocahontas, Ft. Dodge and Eagle Grove where we continue to hear concerns that government spending is the number one concern to Iowans.

In Pocahontas we heard more disappointment with politicians that see tax payers as an unending source for more bad ideas that distort the market and burden Iowa families. The biggest discussion point in this conversation was the proposed Gas Tax increase. These citizens understand that priorities must be established in Washington and Des Moines just like they are set in a family budget. People know instinctively that we are greatly limiting the opportunities of the next generation if we don’t reign in spending.

Later in the day, we sat down with some small business owners in Eagle Grove. The first concern that they voiced was the ever growing regulations that make it more and more difficult to keep their doors open. This is a business that finds themselves paying unemployment benefits for a part-time employee that left their business 9 months before applying for unemployment. They want a smaller, more limited government that doesn’t stand in the way of their success.

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