April 24: Spending Accountability Tour

April 24, 2013

The day started early for our Spending Accountability Tour this morning in Iowa City. We rolled up in the Prosperity ‘Burb (the name we have given our Suburban) at a conservative breakfast club in Iowa City (which, incidentally, I helped co-found). We had a great time discussing the important issues that are facing our state and country.

Following the meeting we took the Prosperity ‘Burb around Iowa City spreading our talking points of cutting spending and taxes. Iowa City is the home of the University of Iowa. Plenty of college students and faculty stared as we toured the campus. We even made a quick stop at the historic Kinnick Stadium for a quick photo opportunity in front of the Nile Kinnick statue. Kinnick is the only Heisman Trophy winner for the Iowa Hawkeye football team. Many Iowans believed he would have been Governor if his life wasn’t cut short during World War II. There is a great quote from Kinnick engraved on the statue that states, “…give me the courage and ability to so conduct myself in every situation that my country, my family and friends will be proud of me.”

We then went to Cedar Rapids and had lunch with activists at the famous Spring House Restaurant. I spoke about my background in the military as an Army Ranger and Afghanistan veteran. When I returned home I understood the greatest threat to our nation’s security was not overseas but here at home. The growing national deficit due to uncontrollable spending is jeopardizing the future of America.

We also discussed local issues facing Iowa. Our activists agree that we need real, meaningful property tax reform. Yet again our activists mentioned they do not support increasing the gas tax. Local residents of Cedar Rapids were concerned that flood relief funds have been poorly managed.

Today was a beautiful day in Iowa. Spending the day on the road with our supporters made the day even better. The Spending Accountability Tour is going very well!

Mark Lucas
Iowa State Director
Americans for Prosperity – Iowa

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