Americans for Prosperity to Coralville: Stop Wasting Tax Dollars and Education Money

October 08, 2013

Iowa’s Leading Free Market Grassroots Advocacy Group Launches Massive Social Media Effort

Coralville  – Americans for Prosperity-Iowa is launching a social media campaign today in Coralville to highlight the city’s debt crisis. AFP-Iowa is investing considerable resources into Facebook and Twitter campaigns that will educate citizens on the actions of the Coralville city council and put pressure on council members to change course. These ads will specifically target social media users in Coralville.

“Coralville is facing a debt crisis,” said Iowa director Mark Lucas. “How else can you explain their credit rating being downgraded by Moody’s Rating Service four times? If they do not change their ways they will turn into the Detroit of Iowa”

This City of Coralville is facing a $280 million deficit due to the city’s reckless spending on the Iowa River Landing (IRL) project. This project includes a $6 million brewery and $60 million investment for a city owned Marriott hotel that loses at least $1 million a year.

“The government should not be in the hotel or bar business,” said Lucas. “The saddest part of these investments is that they took $5 million from Johnson county schools last year. The investments in the IRL are losing money and costing the students of Johnson county.”

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