Americans for Prosperity – Iowa Applauds Branstad’s Property Tax Reform

March 21, 2013


IOWA CITY, IA – Americans for Prosperity – Iowa, the state’s leading taxpayer advocate, today announced its grassroots support for Governor Brandstad’s proposed property tax reform.

“All Iowans deserve a property tax cut,” explained Mark Lucas, State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Iowa. “AFP strongly supports the governor’s property tax reform that will avoid a two billion dollar tax increase over the next 8 years.

“Governor Branstad has shown amazing leadership on budgeting. He came back as Governor and turned a billion dollar budget deficit to a billion dollar surplus.”

Americans for Prosperity is urging its activists to contact their state legislators in support of the Governor’s bill.
“We have started a grassroots and social media campaign that will put pressure on legislators to pass property tax reform:,” Lucas continued. “We urge all Iowans to visit and take action in support of the Governor’s proposal.”

The primary opposition to the bill lies in the Senate, which has proposed an alternate tax cut that only applies to businesses.

“Iowans are tired of broken campaign promises and political posturing. It is time for Senator Gronstal to have an open debate on property tax reform. He is currently 0-2 in passing any meaningful reform in his chamber.”
“Gov. Branstad’s plan is exactly what Iowa needs to promote growth and bring more jobs to the state.”

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