May 8&9: Spending Accountability Tour

May 10, 2013

The Spending Accountability tour continues here in Iowa where we have made recent stops in Ottumwa, Fairfield and Ankeny. One of the things that we are discovering here in Iowa is that many Conservatives feel like they exist with just a few others in their community. That may be true but we are working hard to expand those communities and build connections between them. I think seeing the Prosperity ‘Burb roll into town has offered a psychological boost to many.

There has been very little disagreement in our discussion of policies on the tour but what are we going to do to win? While in Fairfield, we had a conversation about how the Left has used technology and behavioral science to grow their movement and advance their agenda. In fact, there was a symposium about these very techniques a few months ago at the Harkin Institute on Iowa State University’s campus. We have to grow in that direction but a solid first step is just getting Conservatives to talk about the greatness of the free market and contact their legislators about the issues moving through the statehouse.

In Ankeny, we talked with a number of business owners and entrepreneurs. These folks have great stories to tell and can offer a vivid picture of the impact of burdensome regulation and tax policy. These stories help us reach a crowd of people that are not moved by the theories of Hayek and Friedman or the statistics and labor reports coming out each month.

The war for economic freedom is being fought on many fronts and we are excited about the men and women here in Iowa that are willingly rushing to the front lines.

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