Microbreweries and Artisan Distilleries
Senate Bill 16
Requires that, for a brewery to qualify as a microbrewery, and sell the brewer’s beer to consumers for carryout at a farmers’ market, the entire brewing process of the beer must occur in Indiana.
AFP Position: Support
Reason: AFP Indiana supports facilitating an environment that is conducive to free markets. SB 16 facilitates this environment by creating the opportunity for Hoosier brewers to offer their products in an open marketplace.
Status: Passed Senate, Referred to House

Healthcare Professional Registry
Senate Bill 244
Description: Requires the professional licensing agency to create and maintain a health care professional registry for health care professionals who meet certain qualifications. Amended with the health care professional language removed, this bill amounts now to a study of how such a list would be constructed.
AFP Position: Support
Reason: Originally this bill would have allowed some healthcare professions who are required to obtain state recognition for federal compliance purposes to do so in the least burdensome manner. As amended, these goals would simply be studied and recommended to the legislative council. Yet, this is still an important conversation and a good first step in this area.
Status: Passed Senate

Dental Hygiene Practice
House Bill 1061
Dental hygiene practice. Allows a dental hygienist to practice under prescriptive supervision in: (1) a dental office if the patient has a current medical history on file and has received a comprehensive oral examination within the previous year; or (2) a setting where a prescription for care has been issued by the dentist within the previous 90 days. (Current law allows a dental hygienist to practice under prescriptive supervision if a dentist has examined the patient and has prescribed the patient care within the previous 45 days.) Removes certain provisions that allow a dental hygienist to practice in specific settings. Allows a dental hygienist to administer nitrous oxide under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist.
AFP Position: Support
Much like House Bill 1061 this bill expands the practice of dental hygienists, which provides for more opportunity in the free market for those in this field.
Status: Passed House

Immunity for Providing Volunteer Healthcare
House Bill 1097
Grants a person licensed to provide health care services immunity from liability for an act or omission relating to the provision of health care if the care was: (1) within the scope of the person’s license; and (2) provided voluntarily and without compensation. Specifies that the immunity: (1) is available even if the health care services are provided in a setting other than a medical clinic or health care facility; and (2) is not available if the person committed gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct.
AFP Position: Support
Reason: This bill not only protects healthcare providers from frivolous lawsuits, but also helps to protect the backbone of Hoosier hospitality  and the spirit of helping a neighbor without hesitation or fear of retribution.
Status: Passed House