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"Occupy DC" Tries to Intimidate AFP, We Didn't Let Them

November 10, 2011 J

Last weekend I joined your fellow Hoosiers at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s 5th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit. This was a peaceful assembly of nearly 2,500 grassroots activists from across the country. Our summit is meant to energize and educate our activists on how to be more effective in their communities as grassroots leaders.

Although there were rumors of a looming protest, the summit was coming along fine until Friday evening’s dinner tribute to Ronald Reagan. During the dinner, nearly 500 “Occupy DC” protestors showed up outside. They surrounded the convention center and began to walk around the building, looking for an unguarded door. The police moved with them to keep anyone from entering who did not have a credential.

Once this tactic failed to work, the protesters tried to bar attendees from leaving the convention center. Multiple videos show how the Occupiers treated AFP members with hostility and even outright violence. Throughout the night the police were actually pleading with our activists to stay inside for their own safety.

Read the testimony and watch the video of an AFP-Indiana activist who was harassed while attending the Defending American Dream Summit.

I firmly believe in our first amendment and the freedom of speech. The freedom to express political opinions is unique to America. As much as I disagree with the “Occupiers,” I believe that they have a right to make their grievances known. However, it is always sad when protestors abuse their free speech rights to become hostile and violent to their fellow citizens. Republicans and Democrats, including our President (who has embraced the “Occupy” movement), should denounce mob violence and intimidation whenever and wherever it occurs.

Our Founders created a free country where debate could occur. So let’s have the debate. Let’s give Americans a choice of what our country should look like. But as we do this, let’s not forget to respect each other as fellow human beings.

Please ask a friend to join our cause and protect the American Dream by becoming an AFPF – Indiana member today! Go to our website and sign-up.

Let’s make a stand for economic freedom and civil discourse.

Chase Downham
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – Indiana

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