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Indiana - The 34th Americans for Prosperity State Chapter

October 20, 2011


Indiana is now home to the 34th Americans for Prosperity state chapter. This is an exciting development for all Hoosiers who care about freedom, prosperity, and the future of the American dream.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is one of the country’s leading conservative grassroots organizations. AFP seeks to educate and engage the public on free market and limited government issues. In general, we support lower taxes and less government spending; policies which will create a stronger and more vibrant economy. We are an issued based organization and as such do not endorse, support or oppose candidates.

As the State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Indiana (AFP-IN), I am excited to promote free market policy with grassroots leaders across our state. Prior to taking on this role, I was the Manager of Political Affairs for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, where I learned the value of grassroots.

AFP-IN already has over 20,000 grassroots activists. This number will grow as AFP-IN reaches even more Hoosiers with the common sense message of smaller government and economic freedom. Our members live and work in every corner of the state in various professions, but we are united in our belief that our state and country need a government that spends less, taxes less and truly stimulates job creation by getting out of the way.

Hoosiers can make our local and state governments stronger and return the federal government to its proper role. Together, we can make a difference for Indiana and our country. If you are not already a member of AFP – Indiana, sign-up now and join the cause.

Chase Downham
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – Indiana

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