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Bury the Death Tax

February 16, 2012 J

Indiana is one of just a handful of states that imposes an inheritance tax. This tax is also known as the “Death Tax” because it occurs at the point of one’s death. Yes, believe it or not, after paying taxes all of one’s life, Indiana’s state government taxes your earnings once again as you leave this world! This is a tax that your loved ones pay with what earnings you have been able to leave them.

Americans for Prosperity – Indiana believes this tax is unnecessary and unjust.

Tell your legislators that you support permanent death tax repeal.

The state inheritance tax is particularly burdensome to family operated small businesses and farms. In these cases, money that is tied to the family business and would otherwise be used to expand and grow it is instead handed over to the government.

By eliminating the inheritance tax we can provide relief to Hoosier taxpayers and better limit the size and scope of state government by forcing it to spend resources more efficiently.

Thanks to the leadership of some key state legislators, there are currently two bills moving through the General Assembly that are looking to address the inheritance tax. Both bills provide relief but only one includes a timeline for the complete elimination of the tax.

Over the coming days and weeks, state legislators will be debating these two bills. We need to let them know that Hoosiers support eliminating the inheritance tax altogether.

Please take action today to urge state legislators to eliminate the inheritance tax.

Thank you in advance for your support and help to lower taxes for Hoosiers.

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