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February 07, 2012 J

The first half of Indiana’s legislative session was anything but business a usual. As we head into the second half of the legislative session, we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a quick update of what has happened so far and what we hope will happen in the remainder of the 2012 session.

HB 1001, Employee’s Right to Work: With successful votes in both the House and Senate along with Governor Daniels’ signature, Indiana became the 23rd state and the first in a decade to adopt a Right to Work law. AFP-Indiana was very supportive of this effort to provide freedom in the workplace. With your help we were able to send over a thousand emails and postcards to the General Assembly. In addition, we targeted specific state legislators with direct mail urging constituents to contact them in support of Right to Work.

SB 293 & HB 1199, Inheritance (Death) Tax Bills: There is overwhelming support in the Indiana General Assembly to reduce or eliminate Indiana’s inheritance (death) tax. The Senate Bill (SB 293) which provides some immediate relief by expanding the amount of income that is exempted from the tax and seeks a 50% reduction by 2016 passed with a 50-0 vote in the Senate! HB 1199, the House inheritance tax bill, plans for a ten year phase-out of the tax. It passed with 78 votes! AFP-Indiana plans to push for a bill in the second half of the session which provides for the complete elimination of the tax. Help us keep pressure on lawmakers and go to our action alert page today!

HB 1149, Smoking Ban: Just before the end of the first half of the session, 62 members of the Indiana House supported a bill that seeks to impose Indiana’s first ever statewide smoking ban. AFP-Indiana opposes a statewide smoking ban and sees this move as an infringement on business owner’s property rights. We support a free market solution that would allow consumers to make this decision. HB 1149 will now be debated in the Indiana Senate.

HB 1006, Regulated Occupations: A bill that received some unexpectedly heated attention was HB 1006. This bill sought to remove the government regulation of various professional licenses, including that of cosmetologists, barbers and private investigators. Again, a free market solution would allow consumers to decide for themselves whether or not to seek a professionally licensed business or some other that was not. In addition, this bill would have removed a barrier to Hoosiers seeking to start a new business. The bill’s author removed it from consideration after receiving pressure from individuals who were already licensed. This is a perfect example of why we still need to educate policymakers on the merits and benefits of economic freedom.

For a complete look at our policy positions, please take a moment and visit our policy agenda.

Chase Downham
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – Indiana

P.S. Do you agree that Indiana needs to eliminate its Death tax? If so, be sure to send an email to your state legislator through our easy to use action alert page. Thank you for your help in advancing economic freedom in Indiana.

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