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Right to Work is Right for Indiana

January 09, 2012 J

Indiana state legislators are about to debate an important measure that will create jobs in our state and provide greater workplace freedom.

Please take action today to make Indiana the next Right to Work state!

What is Right to Work?

Right to Work simply allows workers to decide for themselves whether or not to join a union or pay union dues.

While workers should be allowed to unionize and collectively bargain, they should also be given the choice to not join a union. The right of association and the freedom to choose who you associate with is a fundamental American right.

Right to Work does nothing to limit or weaken collective bargaining. For example, Right to Work has existed for Indiana teachers for over 15 years, yet membership in the Indiana State Teachers Union remains strong.

The Benefits of Right to Work

More Jobs: Over the last thirty years, Right to Work states had nearly double the job growth of non-Right to Work states. In addition, national site selection experts say over one-third of companies won’t even consider non-Right to Work states for their business growth and expansion plans. (Source: Indiana Chamber of Commerce)

Faster Growing Incomes and Economies: Right to Work states have faster growing economies and significantly higher personal income growth rates than non-Right to Work states. It has been shown that the presence of a Right to Work law in a state increases economic growth rates by 11.5%. Personal income growth rates are 11% higher. (Source: Right-to-Work and Indiana’s Economic Future, Dr. Richard Vedder – January 2011)

Why Now?

Indiana has made great strides in attracting new jobs and employers, yet we still have over 250,000 unemployed Hoosiers. Right to Work is a vital reform we can pass today to help bring this number down and get Hoosiers back to work!

Tell your state legislators to make Indiana a Right to Work state. Tell them it’s about jobs and greater workplace freedom!

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